I am not a professional nor an expert in Pachypodium taxonomy. Any help with ID and spelling are always welcome. To up-date my list I've been using many books, journals, catalogs and other web-sites. It's been helpful, but I have more work to do. I only ship to the main 48 States. I do ship in the winter. I have 72+ hour heat packs for $3.00 each. No international shipping. Please read the front page for ordering information. Please list the name and number of the plants for ordering. The smaller Pachypodiums can be shipped in there pots.

Please Note: All of my Pachypodiums are grown out in the full sun, rain and any other weather that comes along this time of the year. I start bring them back into the greenhouse in late September to early October, because we have winter here in Oklahoma. All are grown from seed by Mike Keeling. All the grafts were also made by my late friend of 40 years Mike Keeling who lived here in Oklahoma. He was also the creator of all the Pachypodium crosses offered here.


   Pachypodium bicolor #1 - Soft yellow flowers with a whitish center. On its own roots. Western Madagascar.  Front, front top, back, back top photos. Growing in a 4 1/2 inch pot #1 @ $65.00 SOLD

   Pachypodium brevicaule grafted - This is probably the most peculiar species in the genus and surely a plant that exerts great attraction on collectors, although it can be somewhat difficult to grow if not grafted. Pachypodium brevicaule is the smallest and more strange species in the genus, with a remarkable rock-mimic caudex remembering a sack of potatoes with sparse leaves. It is truly a beautiful sight to see a large specimen covered with hundreds of bright yellow flowers. This is the one every Pachypodium lover should have. South Central Madagascar. Front, front top, back, & back top photos. Growing in a 6 inch pot @ $165.00

   Pachypodium densiflorum 'Nova' - Orangish-yellow flowers clustering on long stems. Shorter stoughter caudex and branches. Grayish-green leavers. May come out as a new taxa altogether. On its own roots. Madagascar. Front, front top, back & back top photos. Growing in a 6 inch pot #1 @ $165.00 SOLD

   Pachypodium geayi multi-branching - This a multi-branching form that will branch from the base of the main stem. A very colorful plant when grown in good light. Thin leaves accented with a prominent mid-rib of a different color than the rest of the leaf. Silver and red colors of the main trunk. Great for interior and exterior decorating. They are ready to be planted into some decorative pots. Or planted in a frost free climate. Growing on it's own roots. Southwest Madagascar. Front, top & back photos. Growing in a 6 inch pot #1 @ $50.00

  Pachypodium inopinatum x brevicaule x densiflorum - One of Mike's interesting crosses. He used the word Limen for the color and texture of the leaves. Growing on it's own roots. Nursery cultivar. Front, front top, back, & back top photos. Growing in a 6 inch pot #1 @ $175.00 SOLD

   Pachypodium lealii - When I got the seed several years ago this they were labeled Pachypodiun leallii. They seem to be a thinner taller body then the Pachypodium saundersii. So I’m not sure on the name. The Bottle tree, Pachypodium lealii also know as Pachypodium giganteum, is one of the largest bottle-shaped species in the entire genus. It is a very eye-catching shrub or tall tree-like, succulent (pachycaul) 3 to 6(-8) metres in height with a broad bulbous base from which multiple trunks sprouts. The trunk and branches are metallic grey or brownish, thick and succulent. It strongly resemble cereiform cacti, with highly succulent, cylindrical stems armed with tubercles, each having sharp spines. Like other pachypodiums, this succulent stem of the plant acts as a water store that enables it to tolerate the hot, dry environments in which it grows. At flowering time, the leaves drop off, and long, pointed buds at the ends of the leafless branches open into attractive, sweet-smelling, white flowers, flushed with purple on the undersides. Southwestern Africa, Namibia, Angola and Botswana. Growing on it's own roots. Front, front back, back & back top photos. Growing in a 1 gallon pot @ $60.00

   Pachypodium makayense - This was one of Mike's first P. makayense he use for seed propagation. First described as Pachypodium makayense by Mr. Lavranos in 2004. It has a large shining yellow flower with a white ring around the tube. Nice green body and leaves. Growing on it's own roots. Madagascar. Front, front back, back, & top back photos. Growing in a 6 inch pot @ $185.00 SOLD

     Pachypodium mikea - Described by Huntinton Botanical Gardens, Jomas Luthy article in the 2005, CSJ Vol. 77:178-186. Like a genetic link between P. lamerei and P. geayi. Flowers are white with yellow centers. On it's own roots. Madagascar. Front & top photos. Growing in a 4 1/2 inch pot @ $28.00

   Pachypodium ramosum - Also found as Pachypodium lamerei ssp ramosum. Has a dwarf growth habit, shorter, fatter trunk with wide leaves. On it's own roots. Front & top photo. Madagascar. Growing in 4 1/2 inch pot @ $28.00

  Pachypodium rosulatum ssp. gracilis crest graft - These are some of Mike Keeling work with Pachypodiums. Fat stem crest from seed grafted in 2015 by Mike Keeling. Nursery origin. Front, front top, back & back top photos. Growing in a 6x6x8 inch pot @$200.00 SOLD

   Pachypodium stenanthum - Sometimes found as Pachypodium rosulatum ssp. stenanthum. Costantin & Bois 1907. Dark Yellow flowers. Madagascan. On its own roots. Front, front top, back & back top photos. Growing in a 6 inch pot #1 @ $165.00