Mammillaria compressa crest "Yokan' (Beautiful tight crest that looks like fussy brains) 10 in stock @ $15.00 each

   Ledebouria socialis ssp. luteola (Nice bright bulb succulent easy to grow. Good window plant.) 8 in stock @ $8.00 each

   Echinocereus davisii X Echinocereus (Wilcoxia) poselgeri (Crazy cross! Thick dark green stems, white and black spines, yellow flowers) 4 in stock @ $15.00 each

   Gasteria 'Aramatsu' (Cool Gasteria with thick, renkled leaves with lots of textur) 8 in stock @ $13.00 each

   Gymnocalyium sp. monstrose 'Kikko' (Makes some really interesting clumps with a touch of pink) 6 in stock @ $13.00 each SOLD OUT

   Hoya kerrii marginata (One of the two Hoyas I grow, makes a beautiful hanging basket plant with star burst flowers) 10 in stock @ $20.00 each